RV Safety Tips

Towing a Fifth Wheel Trailer


Fifth wheel trailers can be easily towed behind a pickup or a car. However, you will still get the feel in the steering wheel. In addition, some other factors are important while towing a fifth wheel trailer. And the first among them is checking the weight of your recreational vehicle, axle by axle. Weigh your fifth wheel at any truck stop in exchange of a small fee. The combination of the pickup truck and fifth wheel trailer must be properly balanced. Also, it must not exceed the limit listed in the manual. Overloading or out-of-balance loading causes RV accidents in most cases.

In addition, you must learn to judge specific distances, especially when it comes to turning the fifth wheel. Keep your eyes open and ensure that the other vehicles on the road are not too close to your towed vehicle. It may increase the chance of your rear end taking out its front fender. Similarly, consider the exterior height of your recreational vehicle while crossing an overpass. Backing the fifth wheel trailer is also different from reversing a car. Apart from turning the steering wheel oppositely, you need to understand when to turn the recreational vehicle as well as by how much. While towing a fifth wheel, consider the limitations of the side mirrors. They are hardly of any use if the towing vehicle is not in line with the trailer. Another important factor while towing a fifth wheel is anticipating the movement of other vehicles in front of you.

Finally, maintain an even speed while towing your fifth wheel trailer. It will boost fuel mileage by 2 to 4 miles per gallon. In addition, avoid rush hours and heavy traffic.




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