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RV storage is like a safe haven when your neighborhood does not allow storing it in the backyard. In USA, only a handful of the RV owners have an RV garage, and most of the owners either store the RV next to their house or use public storage facilities. RV storage facilities come with various promises including providing insurance, weather protection, and accessibility. The average cost for storing an RV is around $34 per month. These covered storages also provide electricity facilities, and some of them are air-conditioned. However, such facilities will cost more and the storage fee may even vary between $140 and $430 a month. Some of the dealers and campgrounds too offer affordable RV storing facilities.

While selecting a storage facility for your recreational vehicle it is advised to consider a few factors, apart from the storing cost. These include the monthly or annual contracts, taxes, period courtesy checks, security, and the distance of the RV storage. Some RV storage provides additional services such as cleaning and battery charging. Also, opt for a storage that provides insurance and “winterization” facility. In fact, it is better to opt for RV storages that offer covered or indoor parking facilities. Though outside storages are cheaper, covered RV storages eliminate the need for winterizing, an expensive RV cover and tire covers. Such storage facilities offer controlled temperature environment and help you to protect your RV from all kind of weather related damages.

While storing your RV for a longer period, always clean out the refrigerator and wipe it with baking soda and water. Switch it off, keep the door wedged open, and leave a box of baking soda open in the fridge. If you want to cover the RV, use breathable and polypropylene covers that come with zippered entry doors.






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  1. Very informative article, well done. It’s because of all what you mentioned and then some that inspired me to open the most secure indoor full service storage facility in the state of Florida.

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