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You must make sure that the freezer compartment of your recreational vehicle is working properly while you are camping out. This becomes a crucial factor for a successful RV camping, especially if you are boondocking. To check if your freezer is working properly while you are away from the recreational vehicle, you can place a few ice cubes in a cup and leave it in the refrigerator. If there were no power failure at your RV campground, the ice cube would retain its original shape. And if the ice melted and re-frozen, you can easily make out from its shape. The later indicates that your frozen food too was partially thawed. This will affect the quality of the food as well. Thus, it is important to ensure the efficiency of your RV refrigerator.

Electrical heating element or propane flame is use for elevating the water mixture/ ammonia to the top of your cooling unit. The rest of this cooling work is done by physical change of state of these chemicals as well as by gravity. In fact, the air flowing across the back of your RV freezer is also controlled by gravity. The hot is air rising up and flowing out the recreational vehicle’s roof vent. And the cooler air is replacing this rising air. While passing by, the rising air will collect heat from the evaporated fins, removing heat altogether from your RV cooling unit.

If you are camping in hot weather, you may need something more to assist this heat dissipation. You can use a small fan for a higher efficiency of your RV refrigerator. You may even use sheet metal baffles, directing the rising air through the evaporator fins. Try to maintain a one-inch clearance between the facing wall and evaporator coils. You may use a mirror to ensure this. In case, the clearance is more than one-inch, use sheet metal baffles for a much-improved cooling efficiency.




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