RV Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Towing


Towing a recreational vehicle on the highway is usually subjected to different challenges. The following tips will help you to tow your recreational vehicle safely.

1. Load the trailer properly. It helps to prevent sway. Keep all your heavy objects on the floor in front of the axle and balance your load side-to-side. Tie them to or store them securely for preventing shifting. The Tongue Weight should not exceed 10-15 percent of the Gross Weight of your travel trailer. However, if the percentage of your Tongue Weight is too low, it may also cause sway. Another important factor that you need to keep in mind is to avoid making your trailer rear-heavy; instead, make it heavier in the front.

2. Another golden rule is not to allow any passenger to ride your trailer while you are towing it.

3. Always check what is causing excessive sway and eliminate it at the earliest. Normal sway motion usually settles out after some time; but if your recreational vehicle is swaying excessively, never tolerate it as it may lead to a loss of control. Sway also increase on a downgrade. And in such situation always adjust the load and equipment of your travel trailer until it is stable at highway speed.

4. The weight of your equipments and other loads will affect the handling, acceleration, and braking of your recreational vehicle. Thus, you need to allow some more time for changing lanes, stopping or/and passing. The towing vehicle, trailer and hitch can be damaged by severe bumps. And while on rough roads, you must drive slowly. If the towing system or any part of it strikes the road, stop your vehicle and make a thorough inspection immediately. Most importantly, do not resume traveling unless you have resolved the problem.




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