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Understanding the RV weights is crucial for a safe RV ride. In addition, you must stay within the RV and town vehicle’s weight ratings. The weight numbers of recreational vehicle fall into two categories – actual weights and ratings. The actual weight is the measured weigh of your recreational vehicle and its components. In general, weights quoted by RV factories are averages or estimates of the vehicle’s actual weight. Weight ratings are the limits, which are placed on your recreational vehicle and its components. You should never exceed the weight ratings. And confusion occurs if you mixed up these two categories.

As an RVer you need to understand the difference between the weight categories. Many new RVers often get confused with RV weights, especially with gross vehicle weight and gross vehicle weight rating. GVW or Gross Vehicle Weight is the total weight of your fully loaded recreational vehicle or travel trailer. This includes the weight of the passengers, all cargo, fluids, and optional equipment. Gross Vehicle Weight is measured by a scale. Those who are using a motor home without towing anything, the Gross Vehicle Weight will be the total weight of the vehicle including all its components and the passengers. However, if you are using an RV with more than one unit, the Gross Vehicle Weight is just a part of the total weight.

It is important to know your Gross Vehicle Weight, without which it is impossible to determine whether or not you are within the weight limits of your RV. Though the manufacturer or dealer provide information about the average or estimated weights of your RV, it is better to drive the vehicle on a scale to get the accurate weight.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR, on the other hand, is the maximum weight and the Gross Vehicle Weight of your RV should not exceed this number. GVWR is applicable to both recreational vehicles and travel trailers. It is also referred to as Maximum Loaded Trailer Weight.




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    Fifth Wheel St provides an online calculator, printable worksheets and safety report for RVers, farmers and ranchers who tow fifth wheel or gooseneck trailers. You can weigh your truck and trailer and print your weight safety report in 4 simple steps.

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