RV Safety Tips

Avoiding Trailer Sway


Yaw or sway is a nightmare for RV owners. Normal side-to-side movement usually settles after some time. But if it continues to sway excessively, you can be in a big trouble as such side-to-side movements can often cause a loss of control.  Sudden sway can be caused by various factors, including a wind gust, a downgrade, or turbulence from another vehicle. In fact, shifting any of the loads of your travel trailer too can cause such movements. At times, incidents such as trailer tire blowout can even cause such turbulence. Whatever the reason is you need to address the problem at the earliest.

The following are some do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind in case of swaying:


  • While reducing the speed, do it gradually.
  • You must hold your travel trailer’s wheel very steady.
  • At the brake controller, just use the electric brakes and not the tow vehicle’s brakes.


  • Unless it is an absolute necessity, do not hit the brake pedal as it may result in a jackknife.
  • Speed increases sway; thus, avoid going faster or increasing the speed if your recreational vehicle is in such situation.
  • Violent or sudden steering can worsen the sway condition. Thus, do not try to steer out during such situation.
  • It is dangerous to tow a recreational vehicle if it tends to sway. Do not continue towing in such conditions as you may lose control leading to RV disasters.

Keep the safety measures in mind while loading your RV as well as on the road and enjoy a happy RVing experience.




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  1. bill miller

    watch how you load your trailer. best way is to make sure you have weight on the hitch.up front.
    many times you will see a trailer jacked up by the hitch- In the last 30 yrs i have see some bad mistakes on how trailers are hitched to the tow car/truck.Make sure the tow car/truck has the proper air pressure in the tires as well as the trailer.
    As he said if it sways stop right now or you will wreck by a jackknife

  2. Practical Caravan

    No electric brakes here in the UK, but some good advice nonetheless! Keep it coming!

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