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Snowbirding – A Popular Option for Winter RVing


Winters in Northeast or Northern Midwest means time to head towards the south for many in search of warmth and a little sun. And the population mostly includes retirees from states like Michigan, Maine, and Minnesota. This footloose attitude is better facilitated by recreational vehicles, where one can enjoy the facilities of home on wheels. Better yet, the features of the recreational vehicles can be tailored according to the owner’s taste and requirements. These recreational vehicles can comfortably accommodate a small family along with their pets. And these RVs provide everything that one may require for snowbirding, from television and DVDs to cooking ingredients. In addition, you can set up outdoor patios and barbeques for endless hours of entertainment.

There are several snowbirding destinations. However, the place usually depends on the starting point of a recreational vehicle owner. Florida is one of the most popular snowbirding destinations for the northeasterners, whereas Texas and the Gulf Coast have been popular among the Midwesterners. Many westerners find Arizona and California ideal for their snowbirding. Irrespective of the destination, it is the excitement of living on wheels while enjoying the facilities of your home that makes snowbirding most popular. In fact, many RVers change their snowbirding destinations every year to enjoy the flavor of different parts of the country.

What makes snowbirding so popular is its cost effectiveness. Many RV parks and campgrounds in the southern part of the country offer special monthly rates/ winter rates. This means, you can stay in one place all winter long without burning a hole in your pocket. Most of the recreational vehicle owners prefer to stay in a RV campground for the entire season; thus, these RV parks also offer regular social activities and outdoor adventures for their guests.




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  1. Carol Ann Quibell

    Canadians are big snowbirders also! From my part of the country (BC) they mostly head to Arizona and California also – along with thousands of others. It is a great way to avoid the snow and cold winters.

    You are right – the majority do stay in campgrounds, often returning to the same location each year, but I believe there are many who like to stay mobile and explore different areas. Boondocking is also quite popular, especially in the desert with Quartzite area as one of the main stops on everyones list.

    Good article – thanks.

  2. La Mesa RV

    It’s great spending winter in a warm place instead of a snowy place, huh?! Arizona is a popular choice for snowbirds – we are seeing lots of winter visitors in Yuma now:

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