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Recreational vehicles have allowed numerous outdoor enthusiasts, who have special needs to recuperate their mobility. They can now enjoy the thrill of the road while enjoying the comforts of home. Apart from providing convenience while in the open road, travel trailers offer comfort and style to the disabled RV owners. According to the US Census Bureau, around one-fifth of the American population is suffering from some kind of physical disability. Thus, a number of RV manufacturers and suppliers are now offering special recreational vehicles to address the specific needs of such travelers. These RVs come with advance features to make travel comfortable and safe for people with health and mobility concerns.

In addition to the standard RV features, these motor homes include:

  • Lower kitchen cabinets  and counters
  • Wheelchair lifts or ramps
  • Longer faucet handles
  • Conveniently located controls
  • Brighter lighting
  • Widened entrances
  • Roll-under sinks
  • Roll-in showers

Moreover, the major RV manufacturers and suppliers offer various accessories and options for customizing RVs for disabled travelers, making the journey stress-free and suitable for people with severe or minor disabilities. Gayle Martinelli, Handicapped Travel Club member, RVing advocate, and a certified therapeutic recreation specialist says, “RVing is the equal opportunity travel option where no one is precluded. What other mode of travel allows folks to bring their accessibility with them? Accessibility issues that are often encountered in hotels and restaurants are solved with a comfortable traveling ‘home-away-from-home’ that can be thoroughly customized or modified.”

Moreover, many RV campsites adapted facilities to help disabled RV owners to meet their needs. Several RV campgrounds are offering wide and paved sites, electric scooters, and walkers for disabled travelers. Some of the campsite operators have gone as far as offering medical support and food services to meet the nutritional and physical requirements of such RV owners. You may even find specialized health and fitness classes for the disabled.




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  1. Amy

    I can’t emphasize enough how much our family enjoys camping. In the past we had found it difficult to go away for a long weekend or even take a family vacation, it required so much planning and research to find a place that was close enough to drive the distance in one day, and to find hotels that had some of the ammenities of home. Our youngest son is disabled and is unable to fly and is very much a creature of habit and a homebody. Since we purchased our fifth-wheel, we now take long trips, go away typically twice a month, and enjoy alot of quality time as a family. We have all of the comforts of home and supplies needed to care for him, and he has gained much independence because regardless of where you stay, there are different activities and ammenities for your entire family to enjoy.

  2. Kim Gerring

    Is your fifth wheel modified for a wheelchair user?
    Last year I worked to design and have produced a line of Travel Trailers for wheelchair users offering the lift wide door openings access shower, toilet and sink. We get requests for all kinds of modifications from people. We do what we can to make the product they need if possible.
    I am please to see your family is taking advantage of the camping lifestyle and getting your son out and around different place. It is such a healty way to vacation and travel.

    Kind regards,
    Kim Gerring

  3. erwin

    sdo u have any used and if u do where to they start at the low end

  4. kimberly nunnery

    I am interested in renting a RV with a lift for my husband who is in a wheelchair. I am interested in the RV that has a toy hauler type back door to ease with accessibility but I am open to other options. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Where are the rental locations. We live in Southern California.
    Thank you

  5. Michelle

    were looking for a diesel class A motorhome thats handicape accessible, my husband is going to be wheelchair bound, he can still walk a little, but uses his wheelchair when were out and about, we been looking for a motorhome with a lift, and has space to move around….with 4 slides if possible, washer and dryer combo….not too old thanks


    My brother has ALS and is paralized & in a wheelchair all day, he wants to travel across the U.S before he dies, we are looking to rent a RV near RALEIGH,N.C. Does anyone have a wheelchair acessable RV for rent ??????? ..PLEASE E-MAIL ME..THANKS,

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