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Pros and Cons of Fifth Wheel Trailers


Fifth Wheels are the most popular form of towable campers and are very easy to tow. However, they are expensive, starting at around at $26,000 – $30,000. In fact, just like any other recreational vehicles, a fifth wheel trailer has its own set of pros and cons. And its major advantage is that fifth wheels are very easy to tow due to the gooseneck hitch. Moreover, this hitch provides better center of gravity and stability to such recreational vehicles.

Fifth wheels are also spacious and roomy inside. The interior of these towable campers has lots of room, providing enough space for everyone if the weather is inclement. Since fifth wheels are towable campers, you can detach them at your destination and use the towing vehicle for trips and excursions around the RV campground.

As already mentioned, one of the major disadvantages of fifth wheels are their costs. They are the most expensive towable campers, which make such recreational vehicles hardly affordable for entry level RVers. However, you may consider buying a used fifth wheel, as they will be cheaper than a new travel trailer.

The cost mentioned earlier in the post is just the price of the fifth wheel; you need to add the price of the towing vehicle as well if you don’t own one. These travel trailers require towing vehicles for housing the gooseneck hitch. And you need a heavy-duty truck, as most of the fifth wheel trailers are heavy. However, manufacturers are now offering lightweight fifth wheels, which can be towed by smaller trucks.

Such travel trailers come with bi-level design and have interior steps leading to master bedroom, which generally sits over the towing vehicle’s bed. Some people do not like such interior design and steps. If they are a problem for you too, you may consider buying a motorized RV rather than opting for a fifth wheel.




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  1. celena and brad dickerson

    We just bought our first fifth wheel from dutchman. The voltage 3900 42ft. We are battling right now to get the Ac in the bedroom fixed, plus the shower leaks!!! And do u know what the dealer said??!! That there isn’t anything they can do…that we should call dutchman. We have had it for three weeks…and dutchman said that warranty should cover and the service dept. That we are takn it to is charging us 100$ just so the can look at it. Wow!!! Really?!! We just paid 70,000

  2. Raymond Laubert

    We just purchased a new 2012 Heartland 400RW (fifth wheel toy hauler). Love the back room (14 x 8 ft) and living area will allow me to hold my Japanese nights for the family again. Add the porch option for the rear deck and we have a nice full time camper to live in.

  3. Dwight N

    You have dealt with the wrong dealer and manufacturer. Hopefully, by now you have contacted an attorney to just resolve to your problem.
    A fifth wheel is the best, safest ‘trailer’ you can buy. I have had 2 of them. Neither had the problems you have mentioned. All RVs have some things to fix during shake down.

  4. Mitchell bobrow

    It hard for me to fathom a Coachman Dealer would say that to you and let you walk out. Being in the business and dealing with many RV dealers here in Florida there reputation means everything and stand behind anything they sell. Where and what type of dealer is this? Used lot or authorized dealer? Is there a warranty on your unit? If it’s a factory issue possibly another dealer will honor the work. Let me know if you need direction…All the best

  5. Mike

    We purchase a 3200 2012 voltage toy hauler from LAYZEE ACRES and had problems with windows and water taps and other small things along the way on our first year of purchase, as for service ” NO VERY GOOD” So make sure you check before you buy from them !!!!!!!!!!

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