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What months are best for South India tours?

One of the common misconceptions about India is that it is hot and dry all the time, maybe with a month of monsoons thrown in. The reality is that India is a large country with different weather patterns in different areas of the country. South India tours should be timed not just to provide yourself with the best opportunity to see the festivals and celebrations the area is known for, but to make sure the weather is the most accommodating for your travel. Sometimes you won’t be able to avoid less than perfect weather in order to experience all that the south has to offer, but in most cases it should influence your planning.

South India Tours
It isn’t as simple as a season

India is a vast country, and the climate is varied. You can’t just say that all South India tours should only happen (or not) in December because the weather there goes more in two month cycles than the common two travel season categories. There are 6 different weather seasons in India. It can be cold, rainy, windy, hot, dry or mild.

The two different rainy seasons

The height of the monsoon season occurs towards the end of the month of May and beginning of April and affects most of the continent. However, there is a “second season” of rain that will see the east side of South India get drenched that occurs around mid-September. The southwestern parts may have more rain than during the dry season during this time, but not the downpours that the southeast area will get.

Winter can be good, just know what months it happens in

November through March is the best times for South India tours. These are considered to be the winter months and they bring some of the mildest temperatures and weather patterns to all of India. Be mindful that towards the beginning of March the monsoons will arrive, and they don’t follow the same calendar that we do.

Never ever travel during these months

The one time of year you should be cautious about traveling            on South India tours is during May and June. This is when the hot season peaks and the temperatures can be unbearable. That said, it is also when you won’t find very many tourists around, will get better pricing and the locals will be more interested in you. It isn’t something you should do just because you are working within a tight budget, only travel during these months if you have already been to South India before so you really know what to expect climate wise.

Booking South India Tours

The best way to plan South India tours is to talk to your bespoke agent at India Unbound. Tell them what you want to see, how you want to spend your time, and what your interests are; they can then help you to pick the right time of year – and destinations in South India to create the perfect tour for you. They will also be able to tell you more about the how the weather will affect travel in-country so you can plan for that too.

India Unbound is your one stop destination if you are a travel addict who’s looking for luxury / private tours to India.



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